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Install laminate flooring or vinyl yourself

Installing laminate flooring is fairly simple if you know your way around home repairs. You’ll need installing laminate flooring underlayment, tape, and laminate. It is possible to install laminate flooring on concrete, wood, even installing laminate flooring over linoleum is not impossible. For the vinyl or laminate flooring installation to go smoothly, we offer some advice.

laminate flooring

Prepare the floor for vinyl or laminate flooring installation

As we’ve mentioned, you can install laminate flooring on concrete and even over linoleum, however you’ll have to remove a carpet. If needed, also remove carpet padding, strips, and baseboards (you can also just install new shoe mold). To install laminate flooring level the floor, with a metal putty knife scrape any glue or paint. Sweep the floor and check for levelness.

Preparing the floor before we install laminate flooring on concrete

Preparing the floor before we install laminate flooring on concrete requires the same steps. We need to prepare the subfloor, remove the existing flooring and/or padding, clean the surface, make sure it’s leveled, and importantly - before installing laminate flooring on concrete make sure it is sound and dry.

Installing laminate flooring underlayment like a pro

After we do all the previous steps, it’s time to install the laminate flooring underlayment. Determine the layout - measure the room and the planks then divide the room width by the planks. You will get the number of rows and the last row cut width. Then install the laminate flooring underlayment by placing in next to each other and tape the seams.


Finally, install laminate flooring

Now it’s time to install laminate flooring. Layout the first row and trim the first plank if necessary. Our installed laminate flooring will expand and contract a little, so use a small wooden piece to create a gap against the wall. For installing laminate flooring next row, you basically need to just carefully click them together.

laminate flooring installation