Laminate oak flooring is produced from best quality materials

Laminate oak flooring is the bestselling laminate from our wide assortment. Oak décor in medium colour is still most common choice of our clients when they choose their new laminate. Laminate oak flooring is available in beautiful light, medium and dark colours. All colours have stunning reddish, golden and silver nuances which give gorgeous look to any home. Decors of laminate resemble many kinds of wood. Beside oak, we have pine, maple, walnut, chestnut, cherry and exotic decors wenge and teak. Medium colour flooring brings elegance and warmth into your home. We offer many branded laminate which is made of high quality sustainable materials. Our laminate oak flooring is produced using energy from renewable sources therefore its production is environment friendly.


Many colours of laminate oak flooring can create many different looks of rooms

Light colours of laminate oak flooring give rooms sophisticated appearance. To achieve tranquil look of room, you have to combine light coloured flooring with light walls and light coloured furniture. For more contrasting look, light floors can be harmonized with dark coloured walls and dark furniture. Medium oak laminate flooring is very versatile. It goes well with all colours of furniture and walls. Medium brown laminate oak flooring resembles hardwood floors best. That is why it is most popular type of oak laminate. There are two medium colours of oak laminate: medium brown and medium grey. Medium grey colour of laminate oak flooring is neutral so it is great for creating different looks. It is most suitable for creating industrial appearance of rooms. With medium brown colour oak flooring all looks can be easily created.

laminate flooringlaminate flooring

Hand scraped laminate oak flooring can be used in private homes and public buildings

Hand scraped oak laminate flooring gives the impression of hand crafted hardwood. It has very gorgeous look and is perfect choice if you want to create traditional look of your home. Hand scraped oak laminate is produced in all colours from light to dark. Thickness of hand scraped oak laminate flooring can vary from 6-14 mm. Thicker planks offer better stability and long term use. Hand scraped oak laminate is easy to install and its upkeep is minimal. Another beautiful type of laminate from our sales program is oiled oak laminate flooring. This surface finish resembles oiled hardwood floors. Oiled surface looks very authentic and is great for achieving many different looks of your home. You can choose oiled oak laminate in light, medium or dark colours. Especially beautiful are reddish, silver and gold nuances of medium brown coloured oiled oak flooring. We have very wide assortment of oak laminate flooring so we are convinced you will find the one that suits your wishes and needs.

Medium colored oak engineered laminate flooring is easy and quick to install

Oak engineered laminate flooring was developed as a substitute for hardwood floors. Engineered laminate looks exactly like hardwood but there are many differences between them. Medium colored oak engineered flooring plank is composed of many layers of different materials while hardwood plank is a solid piece of real wood. All laminate flooring we sell is suitable for underfloor heating. Installation of medium colour oak engineered laminate flooring is very simple and fast, it is done with floating method. New medium colour laminate floors can be used immediately after installation while hardwood floors have to dry before furniture can be placed in rooms. Installation of hardwood flooring is quite complicated so it is best to hire professionals to do the job. Maintenance of medium colour laminate oak engineered flooring is minimal, you only have to clean it regularly with vacuum cleaner and a slightly damp cloth. Hardwood floors have to be regularly oiled or cleaned with special cleaner with lacquer. They also have to be completely renewed which means sanded and oiled or lacquered at least once a decade.