Best laminate flooring can be installed in all rooms of your home

laminate flooringBest laminate flooring which we have in our sales program is sourced from all around the world. Our suppliers use only best quality materials to produce best quality laminate flooring. Advanced machines and best quality materials are needed to create best laminate flooring which is highly durable and has stunning appearance. Materials used for production of best quality laminate flooring are from sustainable forests and energy that is used in production process is derived from renewable sources. Whole production process is ecologic. Our suppliers have very strict quality monitoring so all products are checked thoroughly before they leave production plant. Laminate flooring quality is consistent which is one of the criteria our suppliers have to meet. We choose our suppliers strictly, because we want to offer our clients only best quality laminate flooring.

We sell many colours and decors of best quality laminate flooring

Colour choices of best quality laminate flooring are almost unlimited. We offer light, medium and dark coloured best quality laminate flooring. Light colours like white, light grey and light brown are most suitable for small spaces because they optically enlarge them. Light coloured best quality laminate flooring is recommended for rooms which don't have enough natural or artificial light. Light coloured best quality laminate floors look good if you combine them with dark walls. Contrast between light floors and dark walls is very inviting. If you want to create serene calming appearance it is best to combine light floors with light coloured walls. Creamy nuances create gorgeous tranquil feel of rooms. On the other hand, dark coloured floors have very elegant look, especially if you combine them with light coloured walls. Best quality laminate flooring in dark colours is perfect for big spacious rooms which have plenty of light. Dark floors and light furniture is always a good combination. Usually our clients install dark coloured best quality laminate flooring in their home if they want to create traditional appearance of their home. Medium coloured best quality laminate flooring can be used for creating all kinds of looks. Medium coloured best laminate flooring can be combined with furniture in all colours. Medium grey colored floors are becoming very popular because of their neutral colour which is great for creating industrial look.

Best quality laminate flooring is produced using energy from renewable sources

laminate flooringGood quality laminate flooring
comes in many decors and surface textures. Most common is wood décor but you can choose between natural stone decor, ceramic tiles decor, concrete décor and many others. Oak décor is a classic choice of our clients and is our top selling décor among best quality laminate flooring. Other wood decors are cherry, pine, maple, teak, chestnut, walnut and many more. Best laminate flooring in wood décor looks exactly like hardwood floors. That is the reason most clients choose it. But best quality laminate flooring has some advantages compared to hardwood floors. Best quality laminate flooring is budget friendly, it is much easier to install than hardwood floors and installation is quicker.


Durability of best quality laminate flooring depends on thickness of planks

Thickness of laminate plank and thickness of top layer determine how durable laminate will be. Thicker planks offer more stability and thickness and composition of top layer determines resistance to abrasion. Good quality laminate flooring has very long life span. It has to be installed correctly and according to some basic rules. We highly recommend use of good quality underlayment. Underlayment gives good stability to laminate, allows its natural contraction and expansion and is a water, sound and temperature barrier. Use of vapor barrier which works as an additional protection is also advised. If installation of good quality laminate flooring is not done as it should be, problems will occur later on. It is best if installation is done by professionals.