Click lock laminate flooring is installed without use of glue

Our click lock laminate flooring is installed with floating method. That means that click together laminate flooring is laid on underlayment using click lock system. With this click method no glue is used, flooring is simply clicked together. Every plank has a groove and a tongue which fit together perfectly. Click together laminate flooring is very easy and fast to install. Laminate click flooring installation is simple, however if you haven`t done it before, it is better to leave the work to professionals.

quick click lock laminate flooring

Underlayment and click lock laminate together form strong and durable flooring

click together laminate flooring installationThere are some basic rules that need to be followed in order to get perfect results. Surface on which quick lock laminate flooring will be installed has to be levelled, clean and dry. If there are any minor surface imperfections, good quality underlayment will correct them. Underlayment will protect planks from humidity and will work as a sound and temperature barrier. It also offers stability and allows natural contraction of click lock laminate flooring. Installation of underlayment for click lamnate flooring is not complicated but it has to be done precisely so that no damage occurs. When underlayment is placed, click laminate flooring installation can begin. Between wall and first row of planks there has to be some space so laminate can breathe. Expansion occurs because of changes in room temperature and humidity. Planks have to be correctly clicked together so there are no visible seams. Tight seams don`t allow any water or dirt to come under planks.


If click lock laminate flooring planks are not clicked together properly, it won`t last long

If installation is not done correctly, sooner or later problems will occur. If underlayment is torn, humidity can damage planks and they start to swell. If planks are not clicked together properly, there are gaps between them and water can sip in gaps. In both cases mould occurs and there is no way to repair the damage. Laminate flooring has to be replaced all together.