Installing laminate flooring over concrete

Are you one of many people who are asking themselves: ” Can I install laminate flooring over concrete?” If so, the answer is ”Yes, you can”.

Installing laminate flooring over concrete offers long-term performance

Laminate flooring Installing laminate flooring over concrete can look great and can last for many years. For long-term performance your laminate flooring should be dry, levelled and clean. So first and foremost, you should protect you laminate flooring from moisture. While concrete is extremely hard and some homeowners might mistakenly believe it is impenetrable, the fact is that moisture vapor passes through a concrete slab relatively easily. If you want to avoid moisture, you should allow new concrete to cure for 30 days minimum. Once the concrete has had time to cure, check humidity with a moisture meter. If it is above 4.5%, concrete might be unsuitable for installing laminate flooring, even with a vapor barrier.

If installing laminate flooring over concrete be sure to make it comfortable

If you are installing laminate flooring over concrete you might want to add padding for comfort, due to a nature hardness of concrete. Adding a layer of laminate padding on top of the moisture barrier will make a noticeable difference in how comfortable the floor is to walk on.

Choose from different types of laminate wood flooring

Installing click laminate flooringWhen deciding for laminate flooring you can choose from many different types of laminate flooring. We are also offering you click laminate flooring, which is very easy to install. Furthermore, you can install laminate flooring in almost any area in your apartment. Laminate parquet flooring is suitable even for your bathroom. Take a look at our web store and choose the best laminate flooring for you. In case of any further questions do not hesitate to contact us via phone or e-mail.