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Installing laminate flooring is quick and easy

Installing laminate flooring is simple and quick. It is a very affordable investment for your home. You can choose from more than 450 laminate decors that we offer. There are different designs and shades of laminate flooring in our sales program so anyone can find something for their budget and taste. Our laminate flooring is sourced from all around the world so we can assure great ratio between quality and price.


Laminate flooring is most commonly installed on concrete surface

how to install laminate flooringLaminate flooring can be installed on almost every surface whether it is on concrete, linoleum or carpet, you just have to be sure you install it with good underlayment. Most common installation of laminate flooring is on concrete surface. If you do not have any prior experiences with installing laminate flooring on concrete, we suggest you get some professional help. If installing laminate flooring on concrete surface isn`t done correctly, you can have many problems with your new investment. Professionals know how to install laminate flooring on concrete or any other surface to get best results. When laminate flooring is installed on concrete, you have to use the right underlayment. Foam underlayment is commonly used for installing laminate flooring on concrete. Installing laminate flooring underlayment is easy but it has to be done precisely.

Vapour barrier is recommended if you install laminate flooring on concrete

When you install laminate flooring on concrete it is advisable to also install vapour barrier. Vapour barrier offers protection from ground moisture that occurs with concrete floors. Moisture is very damaging to laminate flooring. Vapour barrier is also thermic protection from cold concrete floor. There are many systems of laminate flooring installation, one of them is click system. Laminate click flooring installation is done very quickly and with almost no mess left behind after the process is done.

installing laminate flooring