How to lay parquet flooring - a brief description

How to lay parquet flooring is a question many new owners of parquet floors are asking. Parquet flooring installation is a bit more difficult that regular works around the house, so if you’ve bought parquet flooring and are now wondering whether to try it yourself or call a professional, we recommend the latter. However, we will briefly explain such questions as how to lay parquet flooring and how to treat parquet flooring.

Parquet flooring installation priceThe process of parquet flooring installation

Parquet flooring installation begins with the preparation of the subfloor, which needs to be clean, level and dry. The next step in how to lay parquet flooring involves planning. Rushing blindly into it is not a good idea - parquet flooring installation requires a lot of measuring, planning the layout and considering all parquet flooring ideas.

The third step in how to lay parquet flooring is where parquet flooring installation actually begins. We need to apply adhesive and start laying the planks. Another important thing is to add just enough pressure so that the flooring will offer stability. We repeat the process until we reach the last wall and then we roll the floor carefully.

Like anything, lying parquet can be done at home, but if you’re wondering how to lay parquet flooring or have concerns, we recommend consulting a professional.

How to lay parquet flooring ideas
The treatment of parquet flooring

One of the best features of wood parquet flooring is the possibilities of its renewal. Once you notice visible signs of wear or scratches, you don’t need to decide for new parquet flooring installation, but sand the existing one and apply new finish.

If you’d like to know more about where to buy parquet flooring, what are your choices regarding wood species and colour or how to lay parquet flooring, professionals at Floor Experts are at your disposal.