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Padding under laminate flooring - tips and tricks

In order to ensure no problems occur with your flooring in the future, manufacturers advise that you install padding under laminate flooring. Why is the underlayment so important?

  • Sound issues - laminate flooring is thinner than traditional hardwood. Underlayment will provide better transmissions of sound as well as thermal insulation.
  • Water and moisture issues - if your laminate is not 100% waterproof, then you will need to provide a moisture-proof underlayment that protects the laminate planks. Installing underlayment for laminate floors on concrete is always essential.

Nevertheless, padding under laminate flooring isn’t always necessary or even recommended. When your base subfloor surface is waterproof, then installing underlayment is notnecessary at all. Another example is laminate flooring with attached underlayment. With this clever invention, flooring manufacturers have made the process of laying down laminate even simpler as well as more effective. Just a couple of years ago, laminate flooring with attached underlayment was a rarity on the flooring market, but now more and more manufacturers define it as the best and most sought-after type of laminate.

Do you need underlayment for laminate floors on concrete?

When it comes to underlayment for laminate floors on concrete, you might have heard that moisture can cause a range of problems. Keep in mind that in the world of flooring, it’s not just the outside appearance that counts! Dampness and moisture can come through the subfloor and cause severe damage. This is especially common if your leave out padding under laminate flooring above concrete.

Padding under laminate flooring

Get advice on best underlay for laminate flooring on wood

When choosing which is the best underlay for laminate flooring on wood, it is vital to contact an expert. Your choice of padding under laminate flooring can ‘make or break’ the future of your floors! Purchasing the most expensive and highest rated laminate is not enough - how you lay it down and how you handle the subfloor issues is just as important!