Laminate flooring with pad is available in many colours and decors

Installing laminate flooring with pad is easy and quick. If underlayment is already attached, you save money because you don`t have to buy it separately and save time which you would spend looking for appropriate padding. There are many kinds of underlayment. They can be made of foam, rubber or cork. Different surfaces require different underlayment. Under padding for laminate flooring has many functions. It provides stability to planks and allows natural expansion and contraction of planks. Laminate flooring breathes because of changes of room temperature and humidity. Underlayment for laminate flooring also works as a water, sound and temperature barrier. Walking on laminate flooring is quite noisy and underlayment helps to reduce noise which can be very disturbing especially in buildings with multiple apartments. Padding under laminate flooring prevents humidity to damage planks. If underlayment is torn, humidity can cause swelling of planks and mould can start to grow. In this case, damage can`t be repaired and entire pad for laminate flooring has to be replaced. Underlayment for laminate flooring protects planks from getting cold because of cold air from concrete.


Installation of underlayment for laminate flooring has to be done correctly

When installing separate padding for laminate flooring, it is recommended that it is done precise and with care. Underlayment for laminat flooring can easily get damaged. When it is laid, it has to be fixated so it doesn`t move around. Then laminate flooring can be installed on it.


Padding for laminate flooring has many important functions

Underlayment is also good for correcting minor imperfections of subfloors. In case of big imperfections, it is best to repair subfloor. If subfloor is not levelled and clean, laminate flooring won`t be as stable as it should be and because of that gaps between planks can occur. If water or dirt sips into gaps, planks will start to swell and you can have problems with mould.

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