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Can you put laminate flooring in a bathroom? Find out how!

Can you put laminate flooring in a bathroom is a common question of homeowners, looking for that solid oak hardwood flooring feel in their bathroom, but dreading the cost of installing real hardwood floors. Laminate flooring could be a cost-effective solution. But can you put laminate flooring in a bathroom?

Can laminate withstand the humidity of bathrooms?

The answer to your question is yes, parquet laminate flooring tiles can be used in bathrooms to recreate either the solid oak hardwood flooring look or even the look of tiles, but it is important that you use water resistant laminate flooring. Bathrooms are typically quite humid and water splashing can ruin some types of laminate. So make sure you choose the best laminate flooring for bathrooms.

What is the best laminate flooring for bathrooms?

Not all laminates are appropriate for all rooms. That’s why we recommend Krono Xtreme, a special robust waterproof wood laminate flooring, perfect for bathrooms. It is waterproof, non-slip and non-swell, especially made to withstand the demands of rooms with high humidity. Drippy towels, spilling and splashing water won’t make a difference; your floor will withstand it all and the test of time. The special antibacterial coating of all Krono floors prevents bacterial growth, so that you can maintain the highest hygienic standards in your bathroom for years to come.

Laminate flooring in the bathroom

Why choose laminate flooring for the bathroom?

Maybe you just don’t like the look of tiles for your brand new bath or you find the cost and hassle of installing them too much, whatever it is, laminate can be a great alternative. Water resistant laminate flooring in bathrooms is a big trend and not just for aesthetic reasons. Laminate is much simpler to maintain and clean than tiles (that grout mould is a real pain!) and also much more durable. Tiles break easily, especially if you drop something heavy - and we all know how slippery things can get in the bathroom! Laminate flooring is more robust and therefore a much safer choice. However, keep in mind that you want your bath floors to last at least until you get fed up with your bathroom furnishings, so choose good quality laminate. Krono Xtreme has a 30 year guarantee, so it is surely the best laminate flooring for bathrooms.