Parquet flooring installation - hire a professional

Install parquet flooringParquet flooring installation is by no means a simple procedure. We’re not trying to say, that it can’t be done at home (especially if you’ve done similar works before, are on a tight budget and are trying to lower the parquet flooring installation costs, but should definitely be performed by someone, who has a lot of skills and has, ideally, installed parquet flooring before. An insufficient or bad installation of parquet flooring can result in poor wood parquet flooring’s appearance, squeaking, problems with moisture, bad racking and general diminishing of parquet wood flooring durability.


How to prepare for parquet flooring installation

If you’re dealing with questions, like: how is parquet flooring installed, then we would firstly advise you to rethink if you’re up for the job and would direct your attention to the first paragraph - hire a professional for parquet flooring installation. Costs will definitely be lower if the job is done right the first time. In other cases, parquet flooring installation includes several steps:
- planning your parquet flooring installation, costs, pattern, materials etc.: measure the room and buy enough materials, decide for the layout, pattern etc.,
- prepare the subfloor before you begin with the parquet flooring installation: all subfloors are not appropriate for parquet. Make sure, that the surface for the parquet flooring installation is clean, levelled and moisture free (you can read more about subfloor preparation before installing the parquet flooring in one of our older articles),
choose good materials: parquet flooring installation costs will definitely be lower, if you choose cheaper materials, but then the result will not be as lasting.


How to lower parquet flooring installation cost?

If you want to hire a professional for the parquet flooring installation, but would still like to lower the costs as much as possible, there is something you can do. You can remove any existing carpets and dispose of it, clean the subfloor thoroughly and level the floor. The parquet flooring installation will then still be done professionally, but your parquet flooring installation costs will definitely decrease. Take a look at many types of parquet flooring.

How is the parquet flooring installed