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Parquet flooring installation methods

Parquet flooring installation in general uses two main parquet flooring installation options, which are:

- floating parquet flooring installation and

- glue-down parquet flooring installation.

The floating parquet flooring installation means, we don’t use any glue and the oak (or other) parquet flooring tiles are not fixed to the subfloor but rely on the weight of the floor to keep them in place. This is especially appropriate for engineered wood parquet flooring and the cost to install parquet flooring such way is lower. Installing parquet flooring with this method is appropriate for gyms and dance halls, but you can also benefit from it at home (to install parquet flooring with this technique is very quick).Glue-down parquet flooring installation requires a bonding agent, glue, which is put directly on the subfloor. Installing parquet flooring with this method is suited for concrete or wooden subfloors. The biggest benefit of this method is the unpaired stability, but can be a bit messy and takes more time.

installing parquet flooring

Parquet flooring installation - how to choose the right method

When you know how parquet flooring is installed and what your options are, you can decide on the best technique for you. Floating parquet flooring installation is quicker and the cost to install parquet flooring this way is lower. You can also use your floor immediately after installing parquet flooring. However, if you don’t mind the mess and if your installing parquet flooring over concrete or wood, there are more pros in using the glue-down parquet flooring installation.


parquet flooring installationInstalling parquet flooring as DIY project?

Parquet flooring installation can also be performed as a DIY project, but you need to know how parquet flooring is installed. Installing parquet flooring involves several necessary steps: preparation of the subfloor (cleaning, levelling etc.) and laying or installing parquet flooring. A thorough planning before the installation is also recommended. If you’re not too skilled, we would recommend a professional for your parquet flooring installation.