We offer many beautiful colours and decors of click lock laminate flooring

Click laminate flooring is very simple to install. Every plank has a groove and a tongue which perfectly fit together. When laying click lock laminate flooring there are some basic steps you need to follow. First step is correct preparation of underfloor. Underfloor has to be clean, dry and levelled. Next step is installation of quality underlayment. Quick click laminate flooring is much more stable if it is installed on underlayment. Underlayment also allows click lock laminate flooring to breathe. Because of changes of room temperature and humidity, click laminate flooring expands and contracts. That is why first row of tiles has to be laid few centimeters away from wall.

quick click lock laminate flooring

Click lock laminate flooring is a great solution if you are in a hurry to renovate

Click laminate flooring installation is not demanding process but if you don't have any prior experiences it is best to hire professionals and let them do the job for you. If click together laminate flooring is not properly and correctly laid, many problems can occur. If gaps between tiles start to show, there is big possibility that dirt and water will get into gaps. Humidity causes swelling of tiles and mold can begin to grow. If that kind of damage appears there is no other way of repairing it but to replace tiles.


We sell click lock laminate flooring without or with attached pad

In our sales program we have many kinds of laminate. There is over 450 different colours and decors of click lock laminate flooring. You can also choose click lock laminate with attached pad. Installation of click lock laminate with pad is very quick. You save a lot of time because you don't have to separately install underlayment and you don't have to worry that much about tearing it. You can concentrate more on finished look of your new floors.

click laminate flooring installation