High quality laminate flooring is perfect choice for your home

High quality laminate flooring from our renounced suppliers is available in many colours, decors, surface textures, planks sizes and abrasion classes. Each supplier specializes on a feature of laminate flooring which they focus on the most. Some brands are specialized in gorgeous decors, some in beautiful surface textures and some in easy installation systems. But they all have one thing in common and that is durability. Best laminate flooring is made of the best sustainable materials. Our suppliers use advanced technologies and machines to produce high quality laminate. All products from our sales program have warranty.

High quality laminate flooring Floor Experts

Installation of high quality laminate flooring is not demanding and is quick

Good quality laminate flooring can be made with or without attached padding. Both types have their advantages. Tiles without attached padding are budget friendlier and because you are buying underlayment separately, you can choose a padding that best suits your demands and is most suitable for underfloor in your home. Tiles with attached pad save you a lot of time because installation is much quicker and much easier. In our sales program we have both types of laminate flooring in many colour and décor variations.

Good quality laminate flooringOur suppliers of high quality laminate flooring thoroughly inspect their products

Laminate flooring quality
has to be thoroughly inspected before product leaves supplier's production plant. We accept only high quality laminate flooring that we offer to our clients. Our products are suitable for all kind of facilities such as private traditional homes and modern villas, offices, schools, museums, libraries and many more. For private homes are usually used high quality laminate tiles with lower abrasion class because floors are not highly used as much as in a school. For public buildings we recommend use of high quality laminate tiles with high abrasion class so floors can withstand wear and tear.

Ash laminate flooring: https://en.vsisi.at/floor-experts/ash-laminate-flooring