best laminate flooring brandLaminate flooring brands offer best options for living spaces

Our company offers many renounced best brands of laminate flooring. Some best laminate flooring brands are Krono, Cosmoflooritan, Aquastep and Lifestyle Premium. We have suppliers of best laminate flooring all around the world. For our clients we source only the best laminate flooring. All best brands of laminate flooring have high quality products with warranty for durability and quality. Best laminate flooring brands offer many colours, patterns and textures of laminate flooring. They also offer high quality surface finishes.

We offer many best laminate flooring brands from all around the world

Best laminate flooring brand Krono is very durable, it is scratch resistant because it has very hard surface finish. It is made 90% of wood from sustainable forests. Krono laminate flooring is suitable for underfloor heating. It is easy to install with click system and has a life span of 15-20 years. Krono laminate flooring is water resistant so it can be used in all rooms. Laminate flooring brand Cosmoflooritan is suitable for all kind of properties - from modern villas to cottages. Cosmoflooritan brand laminate is very scratch resistant and water resistant. It has thickness from 8-11 mm. Installation and maintenance is very simple. This brand of laminate has 25 years of warranty. Aquastep is also one of the best laminate flooring brands. Aquastep brand is a synonym for water resistant laminate which is very strong. Aquastep is the best brand of waterproof laminates, they were pioneers on that field. Laminate is washable with water and soap. It is very eco-friendly because it is 100% recyclable. Aquastep brand flooring is installed with click system and it can be installed over floor heating systems. Top laminate flooring brand is Lifestyle Premium which is suitable for heavily used floors. Lifestyle Premium brand combines the best features of all laminate floorings and upgrade them with many dimensions and thickness. If you demand the best, Lifestyle Premium brand is the right choice for you.

laminate flooring brandBest laminate flooring brands combine all good qualities of different floorings

Best laminate flooring brands offer products that are generally very reliable and durable. Brand flooring is resistant to scratches and other mechanical influences. Brand laminate flooring is made to withstand high loads without any traces from it. They are also antibacterial so they are best for families with children. Brand laminate planks are produced by advanced machines and with strictly controlled production process. That guarantees planks which have perfect fitting and because of that joints are invisible. That is great protection against moisture and dirt. Invisible joints allow natural laying pattern.