Maintaining cork parquet flooring the right way

Cork parquet flooring is a classic choice for both traditional and contemporary homes. Its colour is easy to blend in with the rest of your furniture, while the durability is superior to many other types of parquetflooring. However, maintaining cork parquet flooring is of vital importance. Every homeowner that's considering the purchase of cork parquet flooring should ackowledge the following tips.


Tips on how to take care of cork parquet flooring

Below are quick tips on how to take care of cork parquet flooring based on considerations by one of Europe's fastest flooring providers Floor Experts.

  • Use non-abrasive and grain-free products
  • Avoid wearing pointed heels or other types of footwear that my cause scratching
  • After purchasing cork parquet flooring, do your best to avoid water exposure.

One of the main reasons behind heavy damages of cork parquet flooring and other types of parquet is exposure to water. While cleaning the parquet flooring, make sure to stick to specialised products and dry mops. Cork parquet flooring treatments should avoid water at all costs.

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Where to buy cork parquet flooring that's durable and affordable?

Floor Experts offer one of the widest ranges of cork parquet flooring, each entirely suited to match the overall style and appearance of your home. Our experts offer invaluable advice on different types of parquet flooring (such as linoleum parquet flooring), while also providing tips on installation. Whether you want to stick to traditional colour shades or go for something completely daring, we have several options for you! There are dozens of cork parquet flooring types available to please even the most demanding customers! If you're wondering where to buy parquet flooring, then our price-to-quality ratio will definitely convince you!

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