Natural laminate oak flooring is installed with floating method

Laminate oak flooring is most popular among our clients. We have many other decors but natural oak laminate flooring is still a classic. Colours of oak laminate click flooring range from very light to very dark with all possible nuances in between. Light colours of natural oak tiles are most suitable for small rooms because they optically enlarge spaces. Light colours are also recommended for spaces with not enough natural or artificial light, they brighten up every room. Dark natural oak tiles look best in big spacious rooms with light coloured furniture and light walls. Dark colours of natural oak laminate flooring give rooms very sophisticated appearance.

natural oak laminate click flooring engineered laminate oak flooring

Click installation system makes natural laminate oak flooring easy to install

Medium oak laminate flooring has most natural look of all decors. Medium colour can be combined with both light and dark furniture and walls. It is most common choice of our clients because it is very similar to hardwood. Our suppliers have high end equipment and technology to produce laminate flooring that looks exactly like hardwood. Even trained eye can't spot the difference right away. Over the years production of laminate has developed and today it is one of the most popular floorings.


Oak engineered natural laminate flooring looks almost the same as hardwood

Oak engineered laminate flooring looks the same as hardwood but it has many advantages. It is installed with floating method which means without glue. Hardwood floors require use of glue. Engineered flooring comes prevarnished so it doesn't have to be sanded and lacquered after installation like hardwood. After installation of natural laminate, furniture is placed and room can be used immediately. Installation process of natural oak laminate flooring is much faster than installation of hardwood. Natural oak laminate flooring is budget friendlier than hardwood and it offers many more colour and décor options.