Parquet flooring installation - prepare, plan, execute

Parquet flooring installation is by all means not an easy project. It requires a lot of skill and practice, if we want to do it right. For the professional installation of parquet flooring we usually hire an expert, but we can also do the task by ourselves if we know something about home construction and repairs. It this article we won’t explain how to install parquet wood flooring, but how to prepare your subfloor before the process of installing parquet flooring is executed.

how is parquet wooden flooring installed

How to prepare wooden floor for parquet flooring installation

parquet flooring installation - how to guideBefore we begin with the parquet flooring installation, we need to meet some necessary requirements. The first task before installing parquet flooring is the preparation of the subfloor. We can install parquet flooring over plywood, concrete, wood and tiles, but must remove carpet, if we have one. With new construction plywood floor, no preparations are needed, but if you have wooden floors, you need to fix any possible squeaks before you begin parquet flooring installation (insert screws into the underlying floor joists). Next step is washing the floor and applying leveller, which will fill all the low lying areas and level itself. Let it dry.

Preparing concrete subfloor before installing parquet flooring

If your parquet flooring installation will be executed on concrete floor, we need to remove any dust, oil or other grease and do the moisture test. Place plastic sheets over your floor and secure it with duct tape. Than wait a day or two and see if there is any condensation (if it is, your floor is not appropriate for installing parquet flooring, but you can lay plywood over concrete and create a dry surface for parquet flooring installation). The next step in levelling the floor (apply floor leveller). When your subfloor dries, you can begin with the parquet flooring installation.


If you want to know more about how is parquet flooring installed once you’ve prepared the foundation, you can turn to Floor Experts or read our other articles.