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Parquet wooden flooring - different wood species

Parquet wooden flooring does not only come in different parquet flooring sizes, thicknesses and parquet flooring colours, there is also a wide selection of different wood species (oak, ash, pine parquet flooring etc.). Which one to choose, depends entirely on you, but we offer a short guide which will, hopefully, facilitate your choice.

Pine parquet flooring characteristics

pine parquet flooring coloursPine parquet flooring comes in a variety of colours, from almost white to yellow and rich brown-red. It falls into the category of softwood parquet wooden floorings, but is remarkably resilient and durable and also offers the possibility of multiple parquet flooring treatments (re-sanding and applying new finish), which will breathe a new life into your pine parquet flooring anytime you think it’s lost its shine and appeal. Pine parquet flooring is beautiful, can spark many parquet flooring ideas and it undergoes many fascinating changes throughout its lifetime (like all parquet wooden floorings).

Some other parquet wooden floorings

Oak parquet wooden flooring is among the most commonly sought after wood parquet floorings, which we can attribute to its hardness (it’s harder that pine parquet flooring), reliability and truly wonderful grain and parquet flooring colours.
Ash parquet wooden flooring is hard, comes in several shades and resembles oak parquet wooden flooring, but it’s much lighter in colour.

Bamboo parquet wooden flooring is actually grass, but is used for flooring, because it’s very durable and also environmentally friendly (it can be harvested every 3-5 years, while most woods can be harvested every 15-25 years).


Walnut parquet wooden flooring usually has straight grain and comes in deep, amazing colours - almost chocolate brown. It’s a high quality choice which adds depth to any room.

For more parquet flooring ideas, wood species and colours, you can browse through Floor Expert’s website, read our other articles or consult our professionals directly.

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