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Bleached oak wood parquet with the fine light finish to brighten up any room

Oakwood by itself has great properties, reflects light wonderfully and brightens up a room like no other. The natural gloss can be enhanced in several ways, of which one is bleaching of the oak wood parquet flooring. Resulting in even lighter tones, the degree of bleaching of the oak wood parquet can be adjusted to the customers wish. Our thoroughly bleached oak wood parquet floors will keep their light finish, as we ensure a deep treatment into the wood. Even after long wear and tear of the solid oak wood parquet over decades, your whitegray oak parquet will keep its clean finish.

oak parquet

Oakwood parquet flooring in all colors and types

Even black oak wood parquetcan be achieved by using different techniques or types of products. The degree of darkness and durability of the tone, as well as resistance to wear, can be adjusted according to wish. Grey is an easier tone to get onto an oak wooden parquet floor, as it is closer to the natural colors of oak wood. Usually white is the easiest to achieve, but the hardest color to maintain as more dirt is visible on the parquet floor and requires more attention. We have black, white, grey and many other colors of oak tree parquet flooring for sale.

Oaktree parquet at Floor Experts

bleached oak We have had oak tree parquet and other types of (bleached) hardwood parquet flooring for sale for many decades, and know every manufacturer and dealer in Europe by heart. We are confident that we can supply only the highest quality materials and products, and are able to advise the best options for any situation. Bleached oak wood parquet floors fit excellent in situations where less direct light can shine onto the surface, as every ray is reflected in an efficient way. Using bleaching techniques ensure a durable result, for decades it can be relied upon.