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Wood parquet flooring - questions and answers

Wood parquet flooring is well known among homeowners. For many decades the parquet wooden flooring has protected and adorned our apartments and it never went out of style. What’s more - even though the technological advancement brought about other options of flooring, wood parquet flooring still remains one of the most desirable choices. Why this is so is not the topic of this article, here we will rather discuss some other questions customers ask before buying parquet flooring, among them: what is parquet wood flooring, how to install parquet wood flooring and how to care for parquet wood flooring.

how to care for parquet wood flooring

Parquet wooden flooring definition and patterns

how to install wood parquet flooring

In simplest terms parquet wooden flooring is flooring, made from real wooden planks. How to install parquet wood flooring is usually in the domain of professionals, because it requires skill and practice, but in the most broad sense, the wood planks or slats are arranged on the floor in repeating pattern. E. g. wood parquet flooring can be laid in a classic herringbone or double herringbone pattern, basketweave, brickwork, chevron, but there are a number of more exotic and rare parquet wooden flooring patterns (Mare Antoinette pattern, Bordeaux, Phoenix etc.).


Hot to care of your wood parquet flooring?

Caring for parquet wood flooring s fairly simple, but we do recommend you follow the following easy steps, so that you can enjoy your parquet wooden flooring for decades.

  • Protect your wood parquet flooring: put pads on your furniture or lay rugs underneath it.
  • Try to avoid dragging furniture over wood parquet flooring, if you can lift it up.
  • Clean it regularly: sweep the floor daily, vacuum it weekly and mop it monthly (but avoid general cleaners, which might be too aggressive for your wood parquet flooring).
  • If your parquet wooden flooring has a finish, polish it every two or three months using buffing pad and an appropriate product.
  • When you see visible scratches or scraped areas, refinish the surface of your hardwood parquet flooring and thus ensure its endurance in the long run.