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Parquet wooden flooring styles and colours

Parquet wooden flooring is extremely versatile when it comes to styling and other options. At Floor Experts, for example, we offer engineered or real hardwood flooring parquet and there are many colours and wood species you can choose from. Among the most commonly used are oak parquet wooden flooring, which convinces the customers with its high-quality, longevity and versatility when it comes to styling. Due to its colour oak parquet wooden flooring can easily adapt to almost any interior design. If you prefer darker tones, you can go for walnut parquet flooring and if you’re seeking for a lighter foundation to brighten up your home, you can decide for pine parquet flooring. Each choice also offers numerous installation patterns. Most common are herringbone parquet wood flooring, brick, chevron and basket wave, but there are other options available too.

Herringbone parquet wood flooring - the beauty of tradition

Herringbone parquet wood flooring will never go out of style! It’s one of the most commonly installed patterns, and we distinguish between single herringbone parquet wood flooring and double herringbone parquet wood flooring. There are other equally beautiful options possible, but if you can’t decide or are afraid you might get bored with something more extravagant, herringbone parquet wood flooring might be your best choice!

caring for parquet wooden flooring polishing herringbone parquet wood flooring

How to take care for your parquet wooden flooring

Caring for parquet wood flooring is fairly simple. It requires regular dusting or hovering and occasional mopping, but when it comes to parquet wooden flooring the rule “Less is more” definitely applies. Be careful not to use to aggressive cleaners and try to protect your parquet wooden flooring with carpets and furniture pads. For a shinier look, you can also polish parquet wood flooring occasionally, and another advantage - when your parquet wooden flooring loses its shine or if you see scratches, you can easily refurbish it and thus refresh its look!