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Finger block parquet is making a comeback

Are you asking yourself what is finger blockparquet flooring?

Finger block parquet flooring is a special type of parquet flooring that consists of small blocks (fingers), placed together to form a square. Three to five blocks per square are usually used in finger block parquet. The blocks in each next square are assembled in the opposite direction (either vertical or horizontal), which is what creates a unique checkered pattern across the wood flooring. Finger block parquet flooring is a popular choice in traditional European homes but is becoming more popular outside Europe as a modern luxurious type of parquet flooring. Its higher price and installation costs do make it a sign of prestige in any home.

finger block parquet flooring


Finger block parquet in different types of wood

Finger block parquet can be made from a variety of different woods and parquet flooring colors, from different shades of oak to beech parquet, walnut parquet, and even bamboo! Beech parquet flooring is the most popular choice, because of the extreme hardness of beech. Solid wood parquet flooring is quite an expensive type of flooring to buy and install, so durability is extremely important. Beech parquet flooring is considered to be the most resistant to high foot-traffic and impacts, so it’s a smart investment that will serve its purpose for a number of decades. Beech wood parquet flooring can be installed in either the herringbone or finger block pattern and can be sanded and varnished to revive its original look after years and years of wear.

modern parquet beech flooring

From beech parquet to distressed oak parquet - which one will you choose?

If you’re interested in finger block parquet, Floor Experts offer a wide choice of parquet flooring colors and patterns, from the popular beech parquet to bleached oak parquet, distressed oak parquet, and many others. Visit our website to browse catalogs, find the right choice for you and get expert advice on how to install your chosen flooring.