Parquet flooring restoration - restoring your floor to its former glory

Parquet flooring restoration may sound like a nightmare project, but in reality it is not so difficult and can do wonders for the look of your old hardwood parquet flooring. In years, especially if you haven’t been caring for parquet wood flooring right, the wood gets scratched, may look worn and the flooring loses its shine. But that doesn’t mean you need to buy and install new flooring! You can easily restore parquet floors to their former glory.

How to restore parquet floors?

Parquet flooring restoration is a process, but the results are definitely worth it. Restoring parquet floors in four steps:

  • Checking for missing, damaged and loose blocks,
  • replacing/re-installing missing and damaged blocks and fixing loose ones,
  • sanding and
  • refinishing parquet floors.

After that your floor will look as good as new.

Can I do the restoration myself?

You have to handle any removing of the blocks very carefully in order not to damage the floors. Sanding and refinishing parquet floors is best left to the professionals, who have the best equipment for the job.

If parquet flooring restoration is not an option, and your floors can not be saved by sanding and refinishing, parquet floors can also be replaced entirely. Firstly, by removing old wood parquet and replacing it with new parquet flooring.

Many homeowners ask themselves how to remove parquet flooring. Removing old parquet can be tricky, especially if the floor was glued with a adhesive or onto a wooden subfloor. In this case, removing the flooring without damaging the subfloor is extremely difficult, time consuming and expensive. That is also a thing to consider when installing new flooring.

How to remove parquet flooring on concrete subfloors?

Removing parquet from concrete subfloors is probably the most grateful of all removals. You just do it, using any tool that works.

Parquet flooring restoration

How to remove parquet flooring on wood subfloors?

We recommend you leave it up to a professional, because doing it yourself will cost you more in the end. You can surely say goodbye to the subfloor. But paying a professional, who will remove parquet flooring using a hammer and chisel, removing it piece by piece, will better your chances at not ruining the subfloor.

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