Wooden parquet flooring is a classic that never goes out of style

Wooden parquet flooring has been a popular choice throughout history in all parts of the world. Wherever you go, antique buildings that still have original solid woodparquetflooring will have rustic wood parquet flooring. Wooden flooring is robust and durable, so it can last for several decades if cared for properly.


wooden parquet flooring

When choosing wooden flooring, parquet is the way to go!

Wooden parquet flooring is a solid, hardwood type of wood flooring, consisting of small to medium-sized boards - tiles, which are placed down in one of many specific patterns. The choice of patterns for wooden parquet flooring is truly vast. Depending on the pattern in which the parquet wooden flooring is placed, the boards can be different lengths and widths, as well as thicknesses, which defines the longevity of the floor.

Wooden parquet flooring and its longevity

parquet wooden flooringIn general, solidwoodparquet flooring has an extremely long lifespan if cared for properly. Wood is one of the most durable materials that will repay proper care with lasting beauty and comfort. Any wooden parquet flooring will last you at least a few decades if not more. A sanding and varnishing every now and then makes the parquet wooden flooring look as good as new even after years of heavy foot traffic. The thickness of the parquet wooden flooring boards, as mentioned before, decides how many times a floor can be sanded.

What type of woodparquetflooringshould I choose?

The most popular wooden parquet flooring choices are oak, walnut, and beech wood parquet flooring. Depending on the type of look you’re going for, you can either choose the classic oak, the elegant dark walnut or the modern beech wood parquet flooring. If you’re not sure what type of wooden flooring parquet you want, you can find more information on the Flooring Experts website. Be sure not to miss the wooden parquet flooring sale as well!