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How to install solid wood parquet flooring from start to finish

This article aims to thoroughly explain various most frequently posed questions in relation to different wood parquet flooring types such as how to remove wood parquet flooring, starting with types of wood parquet flooring. Professionals distinguish between more than 10 different types of wood parquet flooring, however, there are two main types, important in the eyes of a customer: multi-layer wood and solid wood. Parquet made from solid wood is mostly thicker (15-20 mm) than the one comprised of multiple layers (9-19 mm). Types of wood parquet flooring are further distinguished based on their different patterns: one strip, two or three strips, and design or patterned parquet.

Important notes on how to lay wood parquet flooring

When it comes to the question of how to install parquet wood flooring, there are two sets of options: installing it by yourself or hiring a professional. If you’re a complete newbie when it comes to how to lay parquet flooring or have no experience in laying another type of flooring, then hiring an expert is strongly advised. However, there are several tips that might make installing wood parquet flooring easier:

  • Before installation, existing concrete must be checked for moisture.
  • Always remember to leave a maximum 15mm gap between the edge of the parquet and your walls. Skirting or molding shall then cover this gap.
  • It is strongly recommended to hire an orbital finishing sander for the main part of your room if the flooring is going to be glued onto the floor.

In case you’re worried about how to lay solidwoodparquet flooring, remember that every parquet hardwood flooring supplier should also provide you with detailed instructions.

How to remove parquet flooring

How to remove wood parquet flooring - tools and procedure

The most important item you’ll need when removing parquet hardwood flooring is a pry bar, as you will then lift the wood parquet with it. If you have any more questions on how to remove parquet flooring, do not hesitate to contact Floor Experts, whose team will have further instructions on how to remove parquet flooring successfully.

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