Bleached oak parquet flooring - a modern inspiration

Bleached oak wood parquetflooring is another name for white oak wood parquet flooring and is considerably lighter in colour than natural oak parquet hardwood flooring. Recently bleached oak parquetflooring has become a very popular choice for modern urban homes, giving them an elegant, bright appearance, perfectly complimenting modern furnishings, darker wall colourings, and small spaces. Together with black oak parquet wood flooring, it is considered to be a more modern choice than natural oak parquet flooring. Bleaches oak wood parquet can be installed in different sizes - you can choose from 8x8 wood parquet flooring, 12x12 wood parquet flooring or even 6x6 parquet flooring.


Why the sudden popularity of white oak parquet?

Bleached oak parquet or white oak parquet was first a popular choice for condominiums and lofts but has since become a popular choice for houses too. Bleached oak parquetflooring is, because of its light colour, perfect for smaller rooms, since white oak parquet flooring visually opens up space. Therefore white oak parquet hardwood flooring is a great choice for small spaces, to optically enlarge the space and black oak parquet wood flooring works better in bigger, lighter rooms since it makes them look smaller. Bleached oak wood parquet is a great choice when you intend to paint the walls a darker or more vibrant colour, to contrast the walls and prevent the space from looking too dark.

white oak parquetbleached oak parquet

Where and how can I install white oak parquet?

White oak parquet wood flooring can be installed in the same way as any other wood parquet - either as herringbone or finger block pattern. The first choice is a bit more common, and keep in mind that finger block parquet is costlier to install, however you can do so if you wish. Parquet can be installed in almost any room of the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom. Bleached oak parquet, however, works best in children’s bedrooms and living areas. However, it is completely up to you to decide where and how you want to install it - there is no general rule. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the best choices and flooring types.