How to get married abroad

The question of “How to get married abroad” may appear slightly daunting, but we promise you, it is not as difficult as you may first believe. With a little bit of research and careful planning we will help you to prepare a wedding in Slovenia that is unique and distinctive: itwill surpass all your dreams and be a wedding to be remembered by your guests for years to come.

Weddings in Slovenia

Wedding planners in Europe

There are many wedding planners in Europe, but if you’re looking for one of the best, look no further.

Why are we one of the best wedding planners in Europe

We’re regarded as one of the top wedding planners in Slovenia and Europe for more than sixteen years because we are devoted to our job and we want your wedding in Slovenia to be your Slovene Dream come true.

We have extensive experience of how to get married abroad and we have personally stayed in every hotel in our portfolio. We know that it is attention to detail that counts and we leave nothing to chance or guess work.

Wedding planner Primavera Bled - how do we work?

Upon receiving your enquiry, we create a file for you which we regularly update according to new information and requests you provide us with. We go through the general wedding plan with you and inform you of all the issues and options available.
We inform you about all all the documents you need to get married abroad and give you an estimate of how much the whole wedding in Slovenia will cost. The final price is likely to be lower (as we would rather surprise you in this positive way at the end) and can includes: the wedding ceremony, the celebratory party & meals, accommodation, travelling costs for everybody, the fee for the wedding planner - basically everything.

After that the real preparations for your Slovenian wedding begins: we reserve the location for your wedding in Slovenia, the accommodation for your guests, the banquet, we find you the best photographer for the wedding, music and entertainment. We can also arrange the invitations, gifts, make-up and hair styling as well as other activities. Our job as one of the best wedding planners in Europe is to ensure everything is carefully considered and planned - we can arrange every aspect of your wedding and prepare the experience which you will never forget.

Best country to get married in

We would like to share with you why do we consider Slovenia to be one of the best countries to get married.
Getting married abroad is generally the icing on the cake, which makes your special day even more special.
Slovenia is close enough and accessible to many parts of Europe, but still far enough away from your usual domain to feel slightly exotic.
Getting married in Slovenia is relatively easy, since the Slovenians like the idea of weddings and make it easy, even for foreigners.
The country is beautiful and your wedding in Slovenia will be stylish, exuberant, pretty and romantic.

And last but not least, Slovenia is definitely one of the most beautiful countries with breathtaking views, snow-peaked mountains, blue lakes, vast forests, unforgettable sea views, gourmet food, fantastic wines, friendly people and much more, which definitely makes is one of the best countries to get married in.
We would also recommend that you come and visit Slovenia in preparation for your wedding so you can see its beauty for yourself.

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