Best places to elope in Europe

There are many astonishing places to elope in Europe and you’re bound to find one in Slovenia to suit your preferences.

When looking for the best location to elope to, it helps to consider the following:

  • Money: When couples elope it usually involves a small, initimate ceremony and small gathering of a few (or no) guests. A small, intimate wedding is generally lessexpensive than a traditional wedding andoffers greater intimacy. And when it comes to financials, we can help you to create the wedding of your dreams to suit your budget. .
  • Time: Slovenia offers dreamy wedding locations regardless of the season. Whether it’s an intimate summer wedding by the sea, a spring/autumn wedding in the mountains or a sparkling winter wedding.
  • Stress: couples with job stress and other difficulties may appreciate the simplicity of our wedding planning services where we take care of almost everything for you and guide you through all of the preparations.
  • Personal preference: is, of course, the most important when choosing the best place to elope to. Share your requirements with us and we will do our utmost to help you to choose the best location for you.

Elope wedding locationsElope wedding location

Depending on your requirements, we can organise a wedding at almost any location in Slovenia. If the idea if eloping to a romantic setting surrounded by snow-peaked mountains and peaceful alpine villages, excellent local cuisine and friendly people, then Lake Bled is for you!

If you’d prefer a city wedding location, Ljubljana has much to offer.A charming city, it offers a wide range of possibilities for your intimate weddings. Gorgeous hotels, a castle on top of a hill in a centre of the city, the botanical gardens, riverside cafe culture,romantic museums and galleries are just some of Ljubljana’s many attractions. Great food, friendly people and a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere - it’s the perfect place to elope to.

A getaway to the sparkling blue Adriatic Sea with your loved ones is also an option in Slovenia, with the athe elegant, medieval town of Piran ioffer one of the most impressive places in Europe to elope to. A beautiful beach, Tartini Square, the medieval fortress on the cliff and top-class hotels are just some of the many gems that Piran can offer as a wedding location.

Eloping in Europe

Let us assure you that eloping in Europe is easy. We will guide you through the whole process and help you to achieve everything required to make your wedding day unforgettably special.

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