Food processing equipment that covers all your needs

At Nieros we manufacture state-of-the-art food processing and transportation equipment, that is easy to maintain and clean. Therefore, it is able to provide a high standard of hygiene, that is essential in the food processing industry. Our food processing technology is made from stainless steel and is extremely suitable for food processing of red meat products, poultry, fish and seafood, fruit and vegetables, diary, bakery, and pastry. Our machinery offers the right solution for every stage of processing, all the way from the delivery of the materials to the production zone, to the packing of the finalized products. The Nieros expert team has created a variety of tailor-made solutions that are suitable even for the most challenging production areas, where space is limited.

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food processing equipment

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Transportation equipment at its best

We are aware that one of the focal points of achieving great productivity in the food-processing industry is having the right transportation equipment, which is customized to the needs of the industry requirements. Our robust, modular and innovative transportation equipment that works at high capacity and consumes low energy will become the heart of your production process. It will enable you to achieve an optimized and smooth running of the production line. Our food processing technology can be implemented both vertically or horizontally and is adaptable to the specific features and size of the production area. Considering our extensive expertise in field, we are able to offer precise planning, designing and implementing of equipment that is unique to the customer’s needs. This way, you will achieve an optimized material flow, which will result in everything you yearn for – a boost in the production efficiency, reduced costs and increased profit. At Nieros we offer different types of transportation equipment – transporters for Euro crates, Euro pallet boxes, boxes and IBC containers, as well as product transportation equipment.

Leading food processing equipment manufacturers

At Nieros, we are well aware of all the complex hygiene requirements that have to be met in the food processing industry. The food-processing facilities have to be hygienically designed in order to ensure safety of the final food products. Therefore, we manufacture equipment that is safe and easy to use and equally easy to clean. Even after the purchase and the implementation of the product, we remain in touch with our clients, offering them an effective and fast service when they need it.