The charcoal oven restaurant for saleOur charcoal oven design perfectly fits the needs of the restaurants

Charcoal oven is a great investment if you plan to open a bar or a restaurant, or if you`d like to grow your business with a new, fresh supply. Charcoal ovens are recently much demanded for, as they are able to provide the authentic charcoal flavour in an oven very quickly and efficiently. Due to fact that more people are aware of coal-fired meal`s advantages, which is full in taste but way healthier than an average fast food, the charcoal oven restaurants offer charcoal menu almost exclusively. This is where we fit in: we are a modern, innovative charcoal oven brand, which sets its goal in making charcoal ovens which will be the perfect answer to the needs of the charcoal oven restaurants and bars.

Charcoal ovens KopaWhat makes our ovens so handy for the charcoal oven restaurant?

We have specifically designed our charcoal ovens to match the needs of modern kitchens, which are often battled with a need for a greater space, and which demand multitasking and frequent passage of the personnel. We have paid a lot of attention to safety issues, therefore we`ve delivered a new stainless steel oven hood, which reduces the radiant heat and stops the sparks flowing out. Our Kopa 300 charcoal oven line is compact in size, which is especially handy for snack-bars, while the 500 models will be suitable for the charcoal oven restaurant with greater capacity.

What are the working properties of our charcoal ovens like?

Our ovens can reach the working temperature quite quickly, which usually ranges between 250 and 300°C. Once it is reached, you can get roasted chicken, steaks, bbq style pizzas and grilled vegetables table-ready in couple of minutes. Using a Kopa oven, getting the dough crisp and crunchy is easy to perform, and various meals can be roasted with no loss of the natural juices. We have fully mastered how to make a charcoal oven that satisfies even the most demanding chef, which sets us among top charcoal oven brands.