Professional charcoal grills taken to the next level, with big Kopa charcoal bbq grills

A professional charcoal grill for the high end restaurants where demands are exceptional can only be the product of years of development, designing and testing. We’ve put forth our best efforts and can proudly state that we did it; a heavy duty bbq grill that burns only charcoal. We developed a new era of big charcoal bbq grills. Using a Professional charcoal bbq grill from Kopa will make you notice the difference from any other (charcoal based) grilling method. Made from high grade stainless steel, our charcoal barbecue grills are long lasting and easy to clean. With the professional isolation, these charcoal grills keep in the heat like no other. It takes only two moments to keep our professional charcoal grill functional for the whole day, filling and lighting in the morning, followed by a refill in the afternoon if you work two shifts a day. The two integrated valves allow you to adjust the airflow in the oven, for perfect temperature throughout the day.

heavy duty charcoal bbq grillproffesional charcoal grill

Heavy duty charcoal bbq grills for the demanding user

Our big heavy duty charcoal bbq grill is designed for professional use, and it is the best charcoal grill of its kind. The only professional charcoal bbq grill that is well isolated, releases a fraction of the radiation heat and cooks food in no time to preserve its tenderness and juices inside. Professional charcoal grills from Kopa; the dream for every kitchen and chef. Imagine the quality and aroma of a big charcoal bbq grill combined with the accuracy of an electric oven and the speed of a traditional wood pizza oven. The stainless steel we use for our charcoal barbeque grills, is of exactly the right alloy and dimensions for the best reliability and longevity. At Kopa we stand for big and heavy duty charcoal bbq grills, making professional grade ovens for restaurants and catering. If a big charcoal bbq grill has always been on your wish list, then why not go with our best solution; The Kopa professional charcoal grill.