commercial indoor charcoal grills for restaurantsCommercial indoor charcoal oven grills for restaurants - revolution of taste

Indoor charcoal oven grills to make your cooking experience a real pleasure! Wondering why? Our innovative Kopa commercial indoor charcoal oven grill for restaurants has an extremely low heat radiation and thus make your kitchen environment stay fresh and less hot. This professional indoor charcoal oven grill is used in world-renowned restaurants all over the world and is gaining attention of chefs everywhere! The difference in the taste of food prepared with this indoor charcoal grill is noticeable to everyone and inspires a real cooking revolution! Meet the very best charcoal oven bbq grill on the market!

What makes Kopa indoor charcoal oven grill stand out form the rest?

Kopa indoor charcoal bbq grill has a whole range of advantages, including:

  • indoor charcoal grillergonomically friendly: a special system that allows you to open and close the over door with little effort and just one finger.
  • simple to manage: regulate heat with the simplest hatches and take no time getting used to all its advantages.
  • quality manufacture: innovative construction that distributes heat quickly and evenly to make this a top-class professional indoor charcoal grill.
  • efficient: we realize that commercial indoor charcoal grills for restaurants require big capacity, while saving on energy and operating costs!

Commercial indoor charcoal oven grill for restaurants with no compromise

Out Kopa indoor charcoal oven grill has taken over the world of ovens by a storm! We managed to conquer markets from Asia, America to Europe in mere 18 months and keep expanding every day. Our indoor charcoal grill for kitchens has been exciting chefs everywhere and raising the benchmark of taste and cooking experience. Kopa commercial indoor charcoal grill for restaurants is a real all-rounder, providing quality food for all kinds of restaurants.


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