Indoor charcoal oven with bbq grills are a must for every high-end kitchen

Let’s have a look at the indoor charcoal bbq grill. Ever wondered if a charcoal grill can be fitted in an indoor kitchen? With Kopa it’s possible! Isolating the heat and taking away the smoke safely through its special chimney, a Kopa charcoal bbq grill with oven can be placed in your indoor kitchen. With an indoor charcoal bbq grill from Kopa you can serve your guests the divine flavors of real tasty food any time of the year. Our charcoal bbq with oven is designed so that smoke and heat will stay out of your way in the kitchen. The excellent materials used make the Kopa also suited as a bbq oven for outdoors, and grilling on charcoal with an oven gives excellent results both in quality and preparation time.

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Easy to use and install charcoal bbq with oven

We’ve developed our charcoal oven grills to be placed indoor in a (professional) kitchens right under the extractor hood. Having mounted an ash and spark catcher in its chimney, our Kopa indoor charcoal bbq grills are safe to use indoors as charcoal grill in your kitchen. Once the charcoal in the oven is burnt, you can just let the oven cool down. The grill racks are exposed to such heat that intensive cleaning is usually not necessary, making our Kopa indoor charcoal bbq grill a timesaving oven. Only two moments are needed to keep our charcoal bbq with oven functional for the entire day. Fill charcoal in the oven and light it in the morning for the lunch shift, then refill in the afternoon for the evening shift. Regardless the use, whether you choose to use Kopa for an outdoor bbq oven or to install in your indoor kitchen, a charcoal bbq grill with oven from Kopa is sure to please. Anywhere it will deliver food to match incredible standards for flavor and texture.