Kopa charcoal BBQ with pizza ovenCharcoal pizza oven for the best pizzas in town

With buying brand new charcoal oven, you are not obligated to serve only meat from now on. We are also presenting you charcoal pizza oven, in which pizza will taste delicious.

The easy use of charcoal pizza oven

Charcoal pizza oven is very easy to use. It contains two hatches with which heat is regulated. When you start the fire in your charcoal oven pizza leave both hatch open, so that oven will bring up the heat. When the temperature is on spot, close the bottom hatch and regulate the temperature so it stays perfect for baking your pizza.

We are offering you many adaptive options so that you are able to design your charcoal pizza oven exactly by your needs. Try charcoal BBQ with pizza oven and become a master of perfectly baked steaks and delicious pizzas in you restaurant. On our web site you can find many different models of charcoal pizza oven. For example, you can decide for outdoor charcoal pizza oven that will brighten up your outdoor kitchen.

Kopa charcoal pizza ovenTake a look at our web site and decide for charcoal pizza oven that suits best your needs

Charcoal pizza oven is now for sale. Take a look at our web site and decide for the pizza charcoal oven you like the best. Price-quality ratio is one of the bests and so will be your pizza after it comes out of Kopa charcoal pizza oven. If any additional question popped up, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you. You can contact us via our web site or send us a inquiry right away.