Charcoal pizza oven - chicken, fish, vegetables and so much more!

Charcoal pizza oven
Kopa is a true all-rounder! Not only is it suitable for the preparation of every kind of pizza, it offers so much more and is thus perfect for restaurants, catering and home-owners! Hailed for its versatility all across the world. Kopa charcoal pizza oven can be used for making:

  • flatbreadscharcoal chicken oven
  • pies
  • traditional and contemporary dishes
  • charcoal chicken oven dishes

Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor charcoal oven, Kopa is your perfect choice! This contemporary-looking charcoal clay oven makes for a stunning addition to your kitchen environment and will catch the eye of every passer-by. Used worldwide and hailed as the very best charcoal bbq grill. If you’re trying to make that perfect meat dish, then this charcoal chicken oven is your perfect companion!


Charcoal chicken oven - A world of advantages

It took only 18 months for the Kopa charcoal pizza oven to reach markets across the globe, including Austria, Sweden, Korea, Mexico, Romania, Latvia, The Netherlands and many, many more. There is a whole world of advantages behind this charcoal clay oven including:

  • saves on energy and operating costs even up to 45%
  • saves you at least 30% of time compared to grilling on an open charcoal grill
  • combines chicken charcoal oven with pizza charcoal oven, as well as being suitable for pan dishes and flatbreads
  • quality manufacture: heat distributes more quickly and evenly to ensure substantial dish consistency

charcoal oven pizzaA professional charcoal pizza oven with simple use!

Despite Kopa being an absolutely first-class oven, it is also hailed for its simple use. Outdoor charcoal ovens can often be quite difficult to use, but that is not the case with Kopa. With only two regulating hatches, you can constantly monitor the temperature on the oven door and take no time whatsoever in getting used to regulating this exquisite charcoal pizza oven.

Enter the world of cooking with no compromises, enter the world of Kopa outdoor charcoal oven!