Charcoal ovens - the over time

Charcoal ovens have been known to mankind since the invention of fire. Very soon people noticed, that meat, prepared in the first and simple charcoal oven designs, tastes better and stays fresh longer. When the first “chefs” thought about how to make charcoal oven, they didn’t have much to work with, so the first charcoal ovens were basically stones, placed on top of each other, with fire, which cooked food from underneath. Luckily, the technological advancement benefited us in many ways and also improved our charcoal ovens. Today you can choose among a variety of charcoal oven designs, sizes and brands which help you prepare food faster and bring out the natural flavours of the ingredients.

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Kopaoven charcoal oven designs

At Kopaoven we proudly present several charcoal oven designs, which will be appropriate for any charcoal oven restaurant, bar or catering service and will bring joy to all the homeowners, who would like to stir up their lives. We offer several stunning and practical charcoal oven designs and models, among them grill types 300, 300S/300SW, 300C, 300OC, 300SC, 300 SCW and others. They are all of high-quality and offer a lot of cooking space, but vary according to your needs and wishes. Take a virtual tour among our charcoal oven designs and read an extensive description next to the pictures. For more information our experts will help you and answer all your questions regarding how to make charcoal oven work, how to achieve the best charcoal flavor in oven, how to choose the appropriate charcoal oven brands or charcoal oven designs etc. Our long and successful path has brought us to a point, where we truly consider ourselves experts of charcoal ovens and are therefore more than qualified to offer the assistance you might need.

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How can restaurants benefit from our charcoal ovens?

Restaurants can truly benefit from our charcoal ovens, and that in many ways. Their guest will mostly appreciate the unmistakable charcoal flavor achieved in oven, wonderful aroma, which will wake up their appetite, and a variety of unique dishes, they’ll be able to prepare. Burgers, sausages, juicy steaks, grilled vegetables and potatoes, pizzas, soups and broths are only some dishes, which can be prepared in charcoal ovens. You can also surprise your guests with simple and tasty desserts!

For more on how to make charcoal oven desserts, read one of our other articles, where we’ve offered some ideas and recipes.

Why should you consider buying charcoal ovens for your home?

Even at home you can enjoy all the benefits the charcoal ovens bring! Why not transport your kitchen outside, where you can enjoy preparing interesting dishes with your friend and family? Cooking with charcoal pizza oven is fun, fast and simple and your kitchen will remain spotless and odour-free. We all enjoy charcoal flavor in oven, which greatly surpasses other choices and your cooking will also be healthier, because you’ll need less spices, salt and oil to make your dishes taste great. And for all pizza lovers - did you know, that you can prepare a real pizza, which will taste just like the one in restaurant, simply by using a charcoal oven? Bbq ovens namely reach very high temperatures, which are essential for preparing this traditional Italian food. Try it out at home! If you’re still not convinced, let us mention, that a high-quality charcoal oven adds value to your home, extends your living area outside and offers an efficient, healthy way to combine necessity with pleasure. A beautiful and well-chosen charcoal oven design will also embellish your garden and persuade you to spend more time in the fresh air.