Charcoal oven grill delivers smoky flavours with no loss of the juices

charcoal grill ovenCharcoal oven grill is a perfect solution for restaurants that want to deliver barbeque meals while keeping their kitchen facilities clean and with minimum build-up smoke. While you can also use charcoal grill as an oven, substituting your barbeque with charcoal oven gives you an opportunity to make convincing barbeque menu indoor, or to serve the best pizzas with the aid of a charcoal grill pizza oven. When comparing a charcoal grill vs oven, many advantages of charcoal oven grill come to front: greater power, quick food preparation time, and even food roasting, which gives crunchy texture on the outside, but with all the natural juices remaining inside.


Charcoal grill pizza oven delivers crisp dough and tasty melted cheese

charcoal oven grillCharcoal grill pizza oven is the ultimate tool for pizza making. Coal-fired pizza has just the right amount of burn on the dough edges, which are crisp and crunchy, while the ingredients have full, heartier flavour. This especially goes for cheese, which melts easily and has a rich, creamy taste. Charcoal oven`s grill reproduces the flavours of the food that`s prepared in the open, resulting with a pizza that feels more like barbequed than baked. Not to mention that with a charcoal grill pizza oven you`ll get table-ready pizzas in just a couple of minutes.

Charcoal grill is found in a number of different oven solutions

Charcoal oven grill doesn`t stand for an anthracite-ran oven with a grill under the hood exclusively. The most sought-after charcoal solution, charcoal grill pizza oven, is also available in outdoor charcoal pizza oven edition, which is even more convincing in providing extra roasted flavours, and enables the chef to work in front of guests all along. Charcoal oven grill can be found even in charcoal grill microwave oven, which swears to be healthier and more versatile than a regular microwave. Finally, adventurists will love charcoal grill dutch oven, which is a compact, fully mobile charcoal oven grill solution.