Kopa charcoal oven restaurantDiverse use of charcoal oven for restaurants

Charcoal ovens are specifically made for restaurants. Charcoal oven is a great choice for your restaurant if you love to serve meat with the perfect texture of a “sous vide” cooking technique and the beloved taste of grilling. Charcoal oven for restaurants is especially designed for baking meat, but you can also cook other dishes in the oven.
Our charcoal ovens for restaurants work perfectly with coal and don’t require any other plugins. You can also add some small pieces of wood, but there is no need to use gas.

Quality manufacturing of charcoal oven for restaurants

Charcoal ovens for restaurants are made only of quality materials. Controlled smouldering of the charcoal inside the grill charcoal oven prevents flames from breaking out, which is why the surface of the food isn't scorched, and the high-quality insulation system allows you to prepare succulent dishes quickly with a unique BBQ aroma.

Charcoal ovens for restaurants are technologically advanced and have modern design

Highly technological process, economical use of energy and inspiration led to elegant and functional design of charcoal oven for restaurants. Baking in our outdoor charcoal oven is simple and delivers tasty food, full of flavours every time. You can also try charcoal pizza ovens for making best pizzas you can possibly imagine.

Kopa outdoor charcoal ovenChoose your favourite charcoal oven for your restaurant at our web site

You can order charcoal oven for your restaurant via our web site. Prices of our charcoal oven are competitive, furthermore, food prepared in your charcoal oven will impress your guests. In case of further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Charcoal grill restaurant:https://en.vsi.si/kopaoven/charcoal-grill-restaurant