Charcoal oven restaurants offer a unique culinary experience

Charcoal oven restaurant is just like any other restaurant with an exquisite addition - it offers food with subtle, yet distinctive charcoal flavor. In oven we can prepare anything from charcoal oven pizza, bread, cakes, potatoes, vegetables, even soups and stews. Charcoal oven restaurants can use this versatile kitchen appliance for classical burgers and hotdogs, they can use charcoal oven for chicken, lamb or pork and hardly anything will surpass the flavor of charcoal oven steak. Charcoal oven restaurants, which want to offer something different and unique, can take an advantage of an exquisite option to upgrade their food with charcoal flavor achieved with multifunctional and high-quality ovens.

charcoal oven for restaurant

Models for charcoal oven restaurants

At Kopaoven we only strive for excellence. Therefore we’ve prepared a series of appliances, which will benefit any charcoal oven restaurant. We offer charcoal Kopa oven grill TYPE 300, TYPE 300C or TYPE 300OC for more demanding environment, where a lot of food must be prepared quickly, or more moderate types 300S/300SW, 300SC/300SWC and 300SOC/300WOC for charcoal oven restaurants, which could benefit from an additional kitchen appliance. All of them are made from durable and high-quality materials which guarantee a long life span, while the working top, grilling racks and other features adapt to your needs.


The charm of charcoal flavor in oven

Charcoal flavor in oven is something most people like. It works with gentle, yet distinctive smoky taste, which is not overwhelming but gives the food its unique character. Charcoal flavor in oven can be easily achieved without extra oil, salt or artificial spices, which emphasis that “grilling” taste, we all like. When cooking with charcoal oven, flavor will naturally spread through any dish, just by using this multifunctional device. There is no need to buy a separate charcoal oven for chicken, charcoal oven for steak of charcoal oven for pizza, choosing the right appliance will offer a possibility to use it for any type of dish you like. And the charcoal oven flavor will always be unmistakable.

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Charcoal oven restaurant tips

Charcoal oven restaurant will surely attract a lot of attention, but you can still explore some ideas for improving your chances. Charcoal oven restaurant follow the same rules as any other restaurant - a lot depends on the location, but if you want to offer food with charcoal oven flavor, it’s best to consider a location, which also includes an outside garden. That means you’ll be able to organize picnics and “garden parties” and the aroma of your grilled food will spread throughout the city.Also choose a high-quality charcoal oven. Restaurants can take advantage of good offers at Kopaoven, for example. Then expand you menu - a good charcoal oven offers almost unlimited possibilities when it comes to food offer, so there’s no need to limit yourself to burgers and steaks.


Some charcoal oven pizza tips

Pizza is among the most popular dishes all around the world and due to the extensive competition any good charcoal oven restaurant should strive for excellence. The best tip surely is to hire a good chef and find a recipe, which will stand out from the crowd. Another tip is to purchase a high-quality appliance, which will make the most of charcoal oven flavor. The dough for baking pizza in charcoal oven does not differ from any other pizza dough, but we can be truly experimental when it comes to toppings. We recommend using the topping sparingly, if you also want the crust to be crunchy and tasty. Charcoal ovens work at higher temperatures, which means the pizza will be done quicker and will resemble the original Italian pizza, which is made just in couple of minutes. For more tips or when in doubt which model would best serve your needs, feel free to contact experts at Kopaoven.