Charcoal grill oven: use of charcoal grill as oven

grill microwave ovenYour grilled dishes (even pizzas) taste better with our charcoal grill oven. Prepare meat and fish, vegetables, pizzas etc. Food can also be smoked, and you can even use pans in our charcoal grill oven. Compared to other ovens with the same capacity, our charcoal grill oven saves on energy and operating costs. The steady radiation in the oven interior makes the charcoal distribute heat quickly and evenly, which gives the dish substantial consistency. The quality of our charcoal grill oven's innovative construction is seen through distinct texture, tempting aroma and excellent taste of prepared food. Charcoal grill with pizza oven as well for preparing all kind of pizzas.

Charcoal grill oven: reinventing the grill

With our charcoal grill oven we want to help you make better, juicier charcoal grill as oven, flavoured food like pizza, prepared in less time with less energy cost in a more comfortable kitchen environment. Controlled smouldering of the charcoal inside the grill oven prevents flames from breaking out, which is why the surface of the food isn't scorched, and the high-quality insulation system of oven allows you to prepare succulent dishes quickly with a unique charcoal BBQ aroma. Our ovens are the result of a highly technological process, with economical energy use and an elegant design at an affordable price. They are great as pizza ovens. They can be bought online through our retailer network. Online you can also find many video presentations of charcoal grill oven. There is also info graphic online.


Charcoal grill ovenUse charcoal grill as a pizza oven

Charcoal grill oven can be used as oven, combines a charcoal grill with a pizza oven to make it possible to prepare perfect pizzas. The temperature is kept constantly high which is a must for pizzas, helping you quickly cook pizzas. Classic pizza, pizza with sea food, veg pizza or pizza bread tastes great with a hint of charcoal grill BBQ flavour. Just like pizza should. There are many recipes that can be found online.