Charcoal oven grill makes any average cook become a grill master!

Charcoal oven grill is the latest technology in home grilling. It combines the regular outdoor grill with the charcoal oven in one single appliance, which can be either an indoor or an outdoor charcoal oven. The charcoal oven grill is so easy to use and gives so much flavor to food, that it makes anyone who uses it look like a grill master.

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How does the charcoal oven work?

The charcoal oven grill
combines the ancient technique of cooking over an open fire with the modern day appliance of an oven, which enables the natural taste and aroma of the charcoal bbq and grill, but in a controlled environment and with an advanced system that simplifies use, reduces health risks and prevents heating of the surrounded area. The charcoal oven allows you to cook many different dishes, from meat and fish, to veggies and pan-dishes, pizza and flatbreads, etc. All at a constant controlled temperature that makes the food deliciously succulent and never scorched.


How to make a charcoal oven - can you DIY?

Some people wonder how to make a charcoal oven at home. Building one is quite difficult and expensive, since you require some masonry skills, as well as some knowledge about fire, so the fire doesn’t break out when you’re using it. It’s not as simple as putting charcoal in oven and calling it a charcoal oven grill. The easiest answer to how to make charcoal ovens at home just buying a professional charcoal oven grill that is designed especially for the safe use of charcoal in oven.

Where to buy the charcoal oven?

The Kopa charcoal oven grill
is the perfect candidate for the job. It’s affordable, technologically advanced and of such high quality, that it is used in professional kitchens all over the world. So, why not in yours?