Outdoor charcoal ovenCharcoal oven restaurant attracts more guests

Charcoal oven restaurant gets more attention than other restaurants and there are several reasons for this claim:

  • outdoor charcoal oven spreads a wonderful fragrance through the streets, so even people far away will smell the food, prepared in your charcoal oven restaurant - everybody loves the smell of tasty, smoked flavored food, prepared in a charcoal oven,
  • making food in a charcoal pizza oven is fun even for renowned chefs and that fact will be clearly testable in your dishes,
  • charcoal oven restaurant offers a variety of foods and can adapt its offer according to the customers desires,
  • charcoal oven for baking offers numerous possibilities, which will surprise your guests, so that the word of your charcoal oven restaurant will be spread effortlessly,
  • with portable charcoal bbq oven you can be even more flexible and you can offer special picnics or parties for a lot of guests,
  • preparing food in charcoal oven for baking is quick and effortless, which means that the guests are served quickly - to their satisfaction of course.

Charcoal oven for baking restaurantUse charcoal oven for baking

Charcoal oven in restaurants is not only used for grilling, you can also use your charcoal oven for baking. We’re talking about a stunningly versatile kitchen appliance, which offers a number of options and with a little imaginations, the ideas for a charcoal oven restaurant will never run out. You can, for example, use charcoal oven for baking pizza, bread, flatbread, buns, croissants, cakes and other desserts in addition to pork, beef, chicken of vegetables and potatoes. Outdoor charcoal oven also has other advantages, not just the versatility when it comes to cooking and nice smell, it also helps your staff to stay in good mood because they’re not standing in an overheated kitchen (Kopaoven charcoal ovens for restaurant are also build to insulate the heat, so working with them is a pleasure).