Charcoal oven bbqCharcoal ovens for baking can be used in professional kitchens as well as at home

Charcoal ovens are more and more popular around the world every day. They can be used in professional kitchens as well as in home kitchens. In charcoal oven you can prepare almost any kind of food - from meat and fish to side dishes and even vegetables. But not only that, charcoal ovens are also made for baking pizzas. Charcoal oven temperature is constant and as a consequence, food that comes out of charcoal oven has this perfect texture and delicious flavour.

Different types of charcoal ovens are available

Are you asking yourself how to make charcoal oven perfect for your kitchen? You can choose from many different colours and even types of charcoal oven. Choose built in charcoal oven or decide for portable charcoal oven with BBQ grill with which you can prepare the party for all of your friends and family. In addition, the design of charcoal oven is very practical and user friendly.

Charcoal oven for baking restaurantCharcoal ovens are also very easy to operate with

Charcoal ovens are made from high quality materials and built in parts, which ensure long life span of charcoal ovens. In addition, charcoal ovens are easy to use and are time and cost efficient. Charcoal oven is also very easy to operate with. When starting a fire in the grill charcoal oven, the heat is regulated with the two hatches. Open both when igniting the kindling; after you reach the desired temperature, close the bottom hatch and regulate the heat with the upper vent.

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