Charcoal oven is becoming everyone’s favorite new kitchen appliance

Charcoal oven is a new revolutionary way of making food, which is taking over the culinary world by storm. The charcoal oven is a favorite among restaurant owners and is now becoming a more and more popular choice for home kitchens as well. The charcoal oven is affordable, economical (low energy use), fast and makes delicious, aromatic food that you won’t be able to resist.


How to make a charcoal oven at home?

If you’re wondering how to make a charcoal oven that everyone is talking about, it certainly is possible, however, building it yourself is a lot of work and can become quite pricey. You can’t just put charcoal in an oven and call it a charcoal oven. You have to build a special wood-fired charcoal oven. Whenever you do this type of project yourself, there is always a risk of flames breaking out, which is something you surely don’t want to happen. The easier solution to how to make charcoal ovens at home is to buy a professional grill oven that is manufactured especially for the use of charcoal in oven.

charcoal ovencharcoal grill oven

What is the charcoal pizza oven?

The Kopa charcoal oven grill is the perfect combination of the charcoal grill and a regular oven that makes any average cook become a grill master. The grill oven allows you to make a number of different dishes, from fish and meat to vegetables, panned dishes, flatbreads and even pizza. Yes, you can turn your grill oven into a charcoal pizza oven! The charcoal pizza oven makes delicious crusty pizza that tastes just like out of the bread oven. Once you’ve tasted the pizza made in the charcoal pizza oven, you’ll never want to have any other kind. As you can see, the charcoal (pizza) oven offers so much more than the regular charcoal bbq and grill, so it is definitely an investment worth making.