Every restaurant benefits from a charcoal grill oven

The Kopa charcoal grill oven is a significantly more complex product than it seems. Great effort was put into the right design and finding of a great solution. The charcoal grill ovens that are being produced are functional, robust and still beautiful. These models enable you to use charcoal grill as oven.

Charcoal grill microwave oven and other models

charcoal grill microwave oven

There are three categories of charcoal grill oven models within our selection. Type 300 range are models designed especially for kitchens with limited space and for restaurants with up to 50 seats. It is a combination of charcoal grill and microwave oven. This charcoal grill microwave oven is not intended for outdoor use. There is always the option of buying charcoal grill oven online. Type 400 range models is a commercial charcoal grill with pizza oven and is intended for restaurants with up to 90 seats. Kopa Type 500 is the latest and biggest charcoal grill oven model in Kopa range. It also offers comfort of gilling with charcoal on two levels simultaneously. Therefore you can use charcoal grill as oven. This type of charcoal grill oven is suitable for restaurants with up to 110 seats.


Charcoal grill ovenWhy do chefs and owners love our charcoal grill oven?

Restaurant owners will enjoy quick returns on the investments and high quality production of food. The charcoal grill oven has low running costs and is independent from gas and electric supply. All the models can be used as charcoal grills with pizza oven. The restaurant owners will also benefit from low installation costs and quality design of the owen. Chefs love Kopa` charcoal grill oven because of its quick, simple and reliable use. The charcoal grill microwave oven produces low heat emissions and better working conditions in the kitchen. After lunch, the charcoal grill oven can be put on standby and relit for dinner.