Charcoal oven for fun and quick meals!

Charcoal oven will literary transform your life. Today, most of us deal with stressful schedules and mostly sitting jobs and the last thing we need is more stress in the kitchen when we get home. Cooking a meal for the whole family in a traditional way requires a lot of preparation, a lot of cleaning, lingering smell and, for most of us, always the same rotating menus. All of that can be changed if you incorporate a charcoal grill oven into your life. Charcoal bbq oven is a practical and fun kitchen appliance, which can be used all year around (especially if you add a roof and some wind shields in the garden) and has lately become accessible not only to restaurants, bars and catering services, but also to laymen everywhere - all thanks to the reasonable charcoal oven prices. For different charcoal grill oven models, colours and prices, you can check Kopaoven’s website and here let’s continue with how charcoal oven works, what you can prepare with it and which are the most noticeable charcoal oven benefits, you’ll get by purchasing this extraordinary, versatile and fabulous mini outdoor kitchen.

charcoal oven

Benefits of charcoal oven

When discussing benefits of charcoal grill oven, we cannot overlook the simplicity, which it will bring to your life. Food is prepared much quicker in charcoal ovens and there is also less mess, oily spots and dirt, which needs to be cleaned after the meal. Since cooking with charcoal grill oven is like having a picnic all year round, we can also use disposable cutlery and plates and with that, our work after lunch will actually be reduced to a minimum. What’s more - our kitchen will smell nice even after eating. Of course we all enjoy the smell of cooking food, which kindles our appetite, but hardly anybody appreciates the lingering smell after we’re full and satiated (seafood can leave an especially unwelcoming odour). We can avoid that by using outdoor charcoal oven. Next, food, prepared with the charcoal bbq oven, retains much more flavour than food, prepared traditionally. If you’re wondering how charcoal oven works, it prepares food very quickly, because we’re working with high temperatures, which means the crust also forms quickly and all the juices stay inside. Gentle smoky taste also works much better than a tons of spices and we also need to use less oil. All of that means, that the food, prepared with charcoal oven, is not only tastier, but also healthier.

charcoal oven


Charcoal grill oven is fun for everybody!

Another undisputable benefit of charcoal grill oven is the entertainment factor - gather your family and friends around you and spend some quality time together, while preparing a wonderful meal. Most people like to be involved in food preparation - either as helpers or observers and with the charcoal oven you can offer them both. You will also spend more time outside in fresh air if you bring your kitchen/living room to your garden.

What can you use your charcoal grill oven for?

The list of charcoal oven advantages does not end here, but let us mention the versatile menu next. Charcoal grill oven is an amazing appliance, suitable for a number of dishes. Prepare original burgers, steaks, all kinds of vegetables and potatoes. Most people might also be surprised if we mention, that charcoal oven can be used for preparing soups, broths and desserts as well and that it also works as a charcoal pizza oven. With a high quality product, like Kopaoven charcoal ovens, you’ll become a professional pizza maker in no time! If you have additional questions or need some recipe inspiration, feel free to contact friendly and qualified team at Kopaoven!