Charcoal broiler grill oven: premium quality grill ovens for restaurants and homes

Charcoal broiler grill oven is the number one appliance every restaurant desperately needs.

Looking for a professional indoor charcoal bbq grill?

There are quite a few charcoal grill manufacturers currently making charcoal ovens, but not all of the products are of the same quality.Charcoal broiler grill ovens from Kopa, one of Europe’s leading charcoal grill manufacturers, are probably the highest quality commercial indoor charcoal grills for restaurants available in the current market. That is because Kopa charcoal broiler grill ovens are innovative in every way.


How are charcoal broiler grills from Kopa different?

charcoal broiler grillUnlike other charcoal grill manufacturers, Kopa is constantly innovating. Our products are revolutionizing grilling. Currently, our charcoal broiler grill ovens are the leading product in economic efficiency (using up to 45 % percent less charcoal than other grills and less energy than gas and/or electric stoves) and they have a 30 % faster cooking time, thanks to the steady heat radiation. The Kopa charcoal grills adjustable rack system is perfect for restaurants, easy to use, and has optimal insulation that significantly reduces health risks and prevents heating of the surrounding area - so that the cook won’t lose his cool while preparing delkicious, succulent food in the Kopa charcoal broiler grill. Besides commercial indoor charcoal grills for restaurants, our company Kopa, one of the leading charcoal grill manufacturers in Europe, makes indoor charcoal bbq grills for home users as well. Our impressive collection of charcoal oven grills and other grilling equiptment can be found on our website.

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