Charcoal bbq with oven - all you need to know

Charcoal bbq with oven will be a perfect addition to your backyard! If properly placed, you will enjoy it throughout the year, but it will be a especially indispensable in summer. In this article we’ll tell you more about why it’s good to have a charcoal bbq oven at home, how restaurants can benefit from it, which food you can prepare with it and what types of charcoal bbqs with oven there are.

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Charcoal bbq with oven for your backyard

Charcoal bbq with oven will brighten up your garden, guarantee hours of joy with family and friends and will bring another dimension into your life. Before buying a charcoal bbq with oven you should know more about your options (more on types later) and decide where you want to put it. It is not a small appliance, so make sure to reserve enough space for it. It’s also advisable to put it close to the balcony door or entrance to the kitchen, which means you’ll have everything at hand, when you’ll cook. Another advice would be to place your charcoal bbq oven under a roof or in a shade, so that cooking in summer will be even more pleasant and you can also use it in spring and summer (the brave and persistent ones even in winter). Also designate enough space for the dining table and chairs, because we’re sure that your guest will want to participate, plus you will thus extend your living area outside. There are many advantages of having personal charcoal bbq with pizza oven at home. You’ll spend more time outside and it will make cooking fun. There is less cleaning afterwards and your home stays fresh with no odour, which can be very pervasive after preparing certain meals (like fish, seafood, cabbages, garlic, onion etc.). Plus, a good quality charcoal bbq with oven raises the value of your property!


Why should restaurants invest in charcoal bbq oven?

A restaurant can really benefit from a charcoal bbq oven. You can expand your menu to dishes, you haven’t even thought about. A charcoal bbq with oven is not just about preparing burgers, steaks and sausages (although their taste surpasses the taste of the same food, prepared in a pan), with it you can make innovative dishes with fish, vegetables, fruit, rice, potatoes, pasta, you can use charcoal bbq with pizza oven for pizza and a number of desserts - cakes, cupcakes, cookies etc. A charcoal bbq with oven is also perfect for casseroles, soups and stews. Really! With a charcoal bbq oven you will offer your guests a multi-culinary experience, they will be able to observe chefs at work, smell the food being prepared and enjoy the taste, which is much better in comparison with anything else.

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Types of charcoal bbqs with oven

There are several types of charcoal bbqs with oven. Before you decide on a purchase, think about how you will use it. You can decide for a built in charcoal bbq with oven or portable charcoal bbq oven. A built-in charcoal bbq with the oven is perfect for homes and restaurants, which only serve food at their premises and don’t intend to move their charcoal bbq oven. A portable charcoal bbq on the other hand is for those, who plan to move it (for example from the yard to the inside) or if you’re a restaurant, bar or catering service, which offers food on different locations. Besides that, there are several model, which differ in size and working areas (you can also decide for different colours). If you’re not sure, which one to choose, feel free to contact experts at Kopaoven, who will explain all the options and help you find the charcoal bbq with oven, which is perfect for your needs!