Charcoal bbq and grill oven will forever change your view of grilling

Charcoal bbq and grill oven is every grill masters dream appliance. This indoor charcoal bbq grill brings your favorite summer activity indoors, where you can enjoy it all year long!

Charcoal bbq and grill

Bring your grilling indoor: charcoal bbq grill oven makes it happen!

Charcoal bbq and grill oven is a kitchen appliance with all of the qualities of a regular charcoal bbq and grill and more. It lets you grill and broil your food in the comfort of your own kitchen. With an indoor charcoal bbq grill you can grill all year long and enjoy your grilled food, straight out of the indoor charcoal bbq grill oven.

Looking for a heavy duty charcoal bbq grill?

If you want to prepare your grilled food just like they do in the finest grill restaurants in the world, there’s no need for a heavy duty charcoal bbq grill. The only thing you really need is an indoor charcoal bbq grill oven. A charcoal oven grill gives you the exact same taste and aroma as big charcoal bbq grills, but is more compact, safer, easier to use and can be installed as an indoor or outdoor charcoal oven.


Why choose charcoal bbq and grill oven?

indoor charcoal bbq grillThe charcoal oven is extremely economically efficient and saves you on energy and operating costs. You would use at least 45 % more charcoal with big charcoal bbq grills than with the charcoal bbq and grill oven. It also cooks food at least 30 % faster than regular grills and is designed in a way that the food never gets scorched. The charcoal bbq and grill is user friendly, making it easy for any chef, amateur or professional, to use it. It allows for the use of two or more bbq charcoal grill grates, while still cooking food evenly and giving it the unmistakable barbecue aroma and succulent flavor.

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